Rasa currently clocks in at around 250,000 words. It has six “chapters” so far, and if I could gauge roughly where I am in the plot I would say I’m about…twenty to thirty percent done? And that’s just Rasa–I have plans for Albumere, and things related to Albumere, that go far beyond this story. I cannot emphasize the sheer SCOPE of the epics that are working together in my head; if plans continue to percolate at the rate they are now, it is entirely possible that I will not finish within my natural lifetime. (And I’m 18 years old. That’s not ambitious, that’s just stupid.)

And the thing about all this is, Rasa didn’t start that way. It has evolved and grown as I have written it, with so many developments unfolding behind the scenes, and I have loved watching it become what it is now. But I think it’s time to take a step back, breathe, and start to cut the blubber off of this thing. I’m currently plowing forward writing manuscripts for more traditional publishers, planning how these works will all be linked, and, to be frank, getting my shit together. (Because, again, I’m 18 years old. Growing up is hard, I don’t know how people do it.) I don’t have the time or inclination to torture a story out of something that’ll end twice as long as War and Peace.

So, to anyone who comes this way now or in the near future, let it be known that I’m re-planning and re-writing Rasa. (Yes, cling to the hope that the curse of “indefinite hiatus” doesn’t grab this poor story.) The new Rasa will be leaner and meaner, a significantly smaller portion of it will be written at two in the morning, and, hell, it might even go traditional instead of serialized; we’ll see what the beast looks like after it’s been born. I’ll need time to plan, write, and edit, and of course other projects will be going on at the same time, so the relaunch of Rasa is definitely a long-term objective. The end result might look very different from what’s on the site now, so assume nothing. To everyone who has read and supported the story, thank you! Watch this space; if you’re interested, I might update you on my progress or how other projects are going. I’ll be back. 🙂


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  1. Sad to hear there won’t be new updates for Rasa soon, but glad to hear its not stopping. Best of luck with the story, if you ever go for a traditional publisher I’ll be one of the first to buy a copy.

  2. I’m looking forward to reading whatever Albumere has in the future!

  3. Good luck.

  4. Ah, that’s sad! I was just now binge reading through it to catch up to the current updates! Will you be updating here (and hence giving me an email update), or is there some places else we should check?
    I’m excited to see more!

  5. Huh, interesting. I was actually under the impression that the story was slowly but surely ramping up to the climax. I would have guessed it as being over half way done. 😛

    Now you have to play the difficult and painful game of “What can I cut out?”

  6. So… any updates on how the editing’s going? Crossing my fingers that you’re not in infinite hiatus right now 😛

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