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If Rasa Were a Disney Movie…

 Chaff Jova

This might be what the main characters looked like! (Then the big guy would start ~singing~!)

I don’t quite have a bonus chapter ready for today (well, I do, but I figure it’s better to let the backlog recover a little), but I did these a while back for practice and I figured I might as well share them. They clash so horribly with the story’s tone and style, I know. But they were very fun to draw, and the dissonance amuses me.

Also, I know I’m not the best at actually giving my characters unique physical descriptions, so maybe this will help you see how I visualize them. If you had an image of Chaff and Jova that these illustrations completely shattered, whoops, sorry! Your interpretation is probably equally valid, because I am of the opinion that the nuances of a character’s physical appearance should be left to the reader and rarely matter (except when they…do). Might do more as I continue to practice, although the writing comes first, as always. Hope you enjoy them!

Rasa: The TBRPG

From the introduction of the RASA: The Tabletop Roleplaying Game rulebook, which can be found HERE:

Rasa was a story that I always imagined would cross mediums and genres, styles and forms. It held a world too big to fit it and characters whose stories I would never have the time to tell, which is why I have decided it is time for Rasa to now cross authors. Albumere’s next story begins with you. The following rulebook provides the tools you will need for an adventure of your own on Albumere, and although it is a work in progress, I hope you will enjoy it as much as I have enjoyed making it.

I’ve always enjoyed games like D&D, and so this is my own take on the genre, with Albumere’s unique spin on it. I’ll be developing it more as time goes on, and any feedback you have would be very much appreciated!

The Dream Walkers

 We do not fear the wrath of this world, for we are the free.


We are the walkers of the waking dream. We stand together as one, for we are brothers and sisters, a family of those who have none. We are the pieces of each other, we are the stars innumerable in the shifting night sky.


We are sworn to Albumere’s secret. We remember the world as it should be. We see the monsters that slumber at its core. We know what they dream. We know what they have done.


And though we shall heal this broken world, though we shall bind the wounds that make us bleed, though we shall make Albumere whole again…


We shall let the dead rest.

-The First Creed of the Dream Walkers