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If Rasa Were a Disney Movie…

 Chaff Jova

This might be what the main characters looked like! (Then the big guy would start ~singing~!)

I don’t quite have a bonus chapter ready for today (well, I do, but I figure it’s better to let the backlog recover a little), but I did these a while back for practice and I figured I might as well share them. They clash so horribly with the story’s tone and style, I know. But they were very fun to draw, and the dissonance amuses me.

Also, I know I’m not the best at actually giving my characters unique physical descriptions, so maybe this will help you see how I visualize them. If you had an image of Chaff and Jova that these illustrations completely shattered, whoops, sorry! Your interpretation is probably equally valid, because I am of the opinion that the nuances of a character’s physical appearance should be left to the reader and rarely matter (except when they…do). Might do more as I continue to practice, although the writing comes first, as always. Hope you enjoy them!