The Dream Walkers

 We do not fear the wrath of this world, for we are the free.


We are the walkers of the waking dream. We stand together as one, for we are brothers and sisters, a family of those who have none. We are the pieces of each other, we are the stars innumerable in the shifting night sky.


We are sworn to Albumere’s secret. We remember the world as it should be. We see the monsters that slumber at its core. We know what they dream. We know what they have done.


And though we shall heal this broken world, though we shall bind the wounds that make us bleed, though we shall make Albumere whole again…


We shall let the dead rest.

-The First Creed of the Dream Walkers



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  1. Fingers crossed that this turns out OK. We’re trying something new here! I’m really interested in pushing the medium as far as it will go, and while I might not be the best of artists (as you can see, “color” and “light” are concepts that elude me…) I’m going to give it a shot. This may or may not be a thing I do semi-regularly, we’ll see how it goes.

    Note that this isn’t the end of Chapter 5, although we’re coming to that soon. Also note that feedback is appreciated! (But, please, do so gently.) The last month or so has been a rough one and I feel I haven’t been giving Rasa the attention it deserves, so if there’s been any kind of quality drop please let me know!

    Alright, I’m going to sleep now. Regular update on Thursday and all that jazz.

  2. Hey cool! You know, if I have time (which I can almost guarantee I won’t, but whatever) I might see about throwing some color into these. I have a whole bunch of rehearsals coming up, so it probably won’t be for a bit, though.

  3. Personally I prefer written things to be written and drawn things to be drawn. I even tend to dislike book covers that portray the characters: let your writing help me do it on my own.

    Not saying this is bad, but it comes across as a little cheesy, and isn’t my thing.

    • I rather appreciate what the author tried to do by expanding the media possibilities, however, it make sense that written part of the story (a complete narration) steered clear of any possible distraction.

      In essence, the simplest medium presentation (not bland, but simple enough to let reader focus their attention on reading) is arguably the best way.

      Sum it all, IMHO, let the drawing part be the part of RASA universe, but let them exist on different part, (technically different section, or tabs) so it won’t bleed out, distracting our focus.

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